MODO 8, LLC. is integrator for distribution and manufacturing. Our strength is strategic relationships with our partner manufacturers to provide key products and engineered solutions for our clients. As a solutions integrator, this allows us not to be limited to specific equipment but apply products to the customer's needs.


The Mission Statement – Our goal is providing the best innovative solutions and quality products for our clients. This requires great service, support and communication with all aspect of a project from start to finish.

Company Information – MODO 8, LLC was formed to provide highly efficient equipment for clients. This green approach encompasses every aspect surrounding the selection. Our engineered approach includes energy efficiency, productivity, common industrial components, and justification / ROI.

Growth Highlights – Our simple honest approach has quickly gained the respect of many key corporations including: Frito Lay, Pinnacle Foods, Mclane, and many more. Growth continues for MODO 8 in all regions of the United States and will soon be expanding to Mexico and other developing industrialized counties that will benefit.

Products/Services - Automated solutions based on motorized driven roller conveyance, robotics, and complementing products for system solutions in distribution and manufacturing. Services are a key focus for project success with project management, installation and support services. We represent all major industrial conveyor, conveyor belt and conveyor roller companies to best serve you requirements. 





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Jeff Collom, National Sales / Business Development Manager

Phone: (414) 446-4606

Email: jcollom@modoeight.com

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